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Issues 11, Summer 1972
Craft Interview: Muriel Rukeyser
Articles & Features: Articles on Poetry Publishers, Letters of Poets, plus photos of Corso, Kinnell, Stokes, Waldman, Sanders, and Kizer. View Details
Issue 12, Fall 1972
Craft Interview: Richard Wilbur
Articles & Features: Articles on The Woman Poet, Poetry Reference Books, plus photos of Rosenthal, Jong, Denby, Gunn, Troupe, and Wagner. View Details
Issue 13, Winter 1973
Craft Interview: Robert Creeley
Articles & Features: Narrative Poetry: "The Round Earth Under" by John Williams Andrews, How To Submit Poetry Manuscripts by William Packard, Interview with Tanikawa Shuntaro by Helena Moynihan, plus photos of Mark Van Doren, Peter Orlovsky, Allen Ginsberg, D. H. Melhem, Tony Towle, and Sandra Hochman. View Details
Issue 14, Spring 1973
Craft Interview: Jackson Mac Low
Articles & Features: Concrete Poetry by Shoichi Kiyokawa, Japanese Women Poets by Helena Moynihan, plus photos of William Claire, Howard Hart, Leo Connelan, Walter James Miller, Ken McLaren, Hugh Seidman, and NYQ staff. View Details
Issue 15, Summer 1973
Craft Interview: Howard Moss
Articles & Features: The Poetry of the Peking Opera by John D. Mitchell and Emanuel Shwartz, The White Snake translation by Donald Chang and William Packard, Publishers of Poetry by Helena Moynihan, plus photos of Shiraishi Kazuko, Tomioka Taeko, Judith Sherwin, James Lewisohn, Rosmary Daniell and NYQ Board. View Details
Issue 16, Fall 1973
Craft Interview: Erica Jong
Articles & Features: The Poet as Teacher: Stephen Stepanchev by Mary Jame Fortunato, plus photos of Berrigan, Merwin, Momaday, Bass, Swenson, and Scully. View Details
Issue 17, Winter 1974
Craft Interview: Diane Wakoski
Articles & Features: The Poet as Editor: Thomas Lask by John Briggs, plus photos of Harris, Halpern, Benedict, Mundell, Lax, and Adam. View Details
Issue 18, 1976
Craft Interview: W. D. Snodgrass
Articles & Features: Photographs of poet statues of Longfellow, Poe, Burns, Dante, and Whitman. View Details
Issue 19, 1977
Craft Interview: May Swenson
Articles & Features: Article on Rock Poetry by Barry Wallenstein. View Details
Issue 20, 1978
Craft Interview: Richard Eberhart
Articles & Features: none View Details