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Issue 41, Spring 1990
Craft Interview: Anne Waldman
Poetry by: Bukowski, Broughton, Laughlin, and more...
Issue 42, Summer 1990
Craft Interview: James Broughton
Poetry by: Red Hawk, Douskey, Lax, Moriarty, Karl Shapiro, Bukowski, Carey, and more...
Issue 43, Fall 1990
Craft Interview: Phil Mahoney
Poetry by: Weil, Connellan, Bukowski, Carey, Karl Shapiro, McCabe, Perchik, Pennant, and more...
Issue 44, 1991
Craft Interview: Donald Lev
Poetry by: Connellan, Bukowski, Antler, Baer, Shields, and more...
Issue 45, 1991
Craft Interview: Betty Comden
Poetry by: Inez, Tieber, Witt, Bukowski, and more...
Issue 46, 1991
Craft Interview: Sharon Olds
Poetry by: Kennedy, Bates, Skinner, Stone, and more...
Issue 47, 1992
Craft Interview: Jose Ferrer
Poetry by: Bukowski, Antler, Connellan, X. J. Kennedy, Lifshin, Mayhall, Rockwell, Trail, and more...
Issue 48, 1992
Craft Interview: Hugh Kenner
Poetry by: Benedikt, Bukowski, Antler, and more...
Issue 49
Craft Interview: Norman Stock
Poetry by: Bukowski, X. J. Kennedy, Lifshin, Alexie, and more...
Issue 50, 1993
Craft Interview: Hayden Carruth
Poetry by: Shapiro, Bukowski, Lifshin, and more...