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Issue 51, 1993
Craft Interview: Gwendolyn Brooks
Poetry by: Brooks, McClure, Inez, Douskey, and more...
Issue 52, 1993
Craft Interview: Antler
Poetry by: Karl Shapiro, Moriarty, Gilbert, and more...
Issue 53, 1994
Craft Interview: May Sarton
Poetry by: Bukowski, Bergamino, Stock, and more...
Issue 54, 1995
Craft Interview: June Jordan
Poetry by: Tagliabue, Fraser, Ajay, and more...
Issue 55, 1995
Craft Interview: Michael McClure
Poetry by: Bukowski, Nicosia, Glaze, Lifshin, Adams, and more...
Issue 56, 1996
Craft Interview: Joyce Carol Oates
Poetry by: Bukowski, Honor Moore, Antler, Douskey, Laughlin, and more...
Issue 57, 1997
Craft Interview: Knute Skinner
Poetry by: Lifshin, X. J. Kennedy, Bukowski, Adams, and more...
Issue 58, 2002
Craft Interview: Anna Adams
Poetry by: Bukowski, Antler, Lifshin, Red Hawk, Adams, Ritchie, De Winter, and more...
Issue 59, 2003
Craft Interview: William Packard
Poetry by: Packard, Bukowski, Antler, Lifshin, Glaze, De Winter, Blackman, and more...
Issue 60, 2003
Craft Interview: Gary Goude
Poetry by: Bukowski, David Lehman, Antler, Lyn Lifshin, Antonio de Nicolas, and more...