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Issue 1, Winter 1970 - Limited
Craft Interview: W. H. Auden
Poetry by: Auden, Kunitz, Rodman, Lax, Siegel, Rosten, Eberhart, Sexton, Merwin, and more...
Issue 5, Winter 1971
Craft Interview: Jerome Rothenberg
Poetry by: Padgett, X.J. Kennedy, Appleman, Orlovitz, Fox Lev, Levendosky, and more...
Issue 12, Fall 1972
Craft Interview: Richard Wilbur
Poetry by: Rukeyser, Rexroth, Bukowski, Mundell, Adam, Aldan, Glaze, Holub, Neruda, and more...
Issue 26, Spring 1985
Craft Interview: Interview Anthology
Poetry by: Anthology Issue, including Auden, Sexton, Ginsberg, Rukeyser, and more...
Issue 27, Summer 1985
Craft Interview: Charles Bukowski
Poetry by: Dickey, Snodgrass, Baraka, Berrigan, and more...
Issue 28, Fall 1985
Craft Interview: Leo Connellan
Poetry by: Corso, Bukowski, Adam, Stafford, and more...
Issue 29, Spring 1986
Craft Interview: Michael Moriarty
Poetry by: Lax, Antler, Farewell, Haskins, and more...
Issue 30, Summer 1986
Craft Interview: Robert Lax
Poetry by: Bukowski, Stock, Lifshin, Gloeggler, and more...
Issue 32, Spring 1987
Craft Interview: Robert Bly
Poetry by: Antler, Carey, Connellan, Witt, Lev, and more...
Issue 33, Summer 1987
Craft Interview: Caroll Terrell
Poetry by: Pollet, Hacker, Antler, Bukowski, and more...
Issue 35, Spring 1988
Craft Interview: William Stafford
Poetry by: Moriarty, Hazel, McGrath, Swenson, and more...
Issue 38, Spring 1989
Craft Interview: James Laughlin
Poetry by: Egan, Glaze, Palma, Adams, and more...
Issue 44, 1991
Craft Interview: Donald Lev
Poetry by: Connellan, Bukowski, Antler, Baer, Shields, and more...
Issue 45, 1991
Craft Interview: Betty Comden
Poetry by: Inez, Tieber, Witt, Bukowski, and more...
Issue 46, 1991
Craft Interview: Sharon Olds
Poetry by: Kennedy, Bates, Skinner, Stone, and more...
Issue 48, 1992
Craft Interview: Hugh Kenner
Poetry by: Benedikt, Bukowski, Antler, and more...
Issue 52, 1993
Craft Interview: Antler
Poetry by: Karl Shapiro, Moriarty, Gilbert, and more...
Issue 54, 1995
Craft Interview: June Jordan
Poetry by: Tagliabue, Fraser, Ajay, and more...
Issue 55, 1995
Craft Interview: Michael McClure
Poetry by: Bukowski, Nicosia, Glaze, Lifshin, Adams, and more...
Issue 59, 2003
Craft Interview: William Packard
Poetry by: Packard, Bukowski, Antler, Lifshin, Glaze, De Winter, Blackman, and more...
Issue 60, 2003
Craft Interview: Gary Goude
Poetry by: Bukowski, David Lehman, Antler, Lyn Lifshin, Antonio de Nicolas, and more...
Issue 62, 2006
Craft Interview: Franz Wright & Ted Kooser
Poetry by: W. D. Snodgrass, Stephen Stepanchev, Kurt Brown, and more...
Issue 63, 2007 - Limited Quant
Craft Interview: F.D. Reeve & Gene Fowler
Poetry by: W.D. Snodgrass, Gene Fowler, F.D. Reeve, Timothy Liu, Douglas Treem, Mark Weber, and more...