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Issue 1, Winter 1970 - Limited
Craft Interview: W. H. Auden
Articles & Features: Articles on Written Criticism, Bread Loaf Writers Conference, Writing Excercises, plus photos of Sexton, Wakowski, Glaze, Rosten, Gardner and Bill Knott. View Details
Issue 2, Spring 1970
Craft Interview: Paul Blackburn
Articles & Features: Articles on Worksheets (Swenson, Glaze, Merwin, Kumin), "Assonance is Like This" Prosody Article by Eli Siegel, list of films on poetry and poets, plus photos of Bogan, Kunitz, Field, Merwin, Siegel and Ashbery. View Details
Issue 3, Summer 1970
Craft Interview: Anne Sexton
Articles & Features: The Puerto Rican Poet in NY by Lucille Medwick, Article on Rhetorical Terms by Cornelia P. Graves, "The Poem as Image" Prosody Article by Stephen Stepanchev, plus photos of Howard, Wheelock, Rich, Moss, Logan and Hollander. View Details
Issue 4, Fall 1970
Craft Interview: Stanley Kunitz
Articles & Features: The Chinese Poet in NY by Lucille Medwick, Worksheets by Anne Sexton, "The School for WIves" Opening Scene of Moliere translated by Richard Wilbur, plus photos of Padgett, Zukofsky, Swenson, Thomas, Rothenberg and Garrigue. View Details
Issue 5, Winter 1971
Craft Interview: Jerome Rothenberg
Articles & Features: The Yiddish Poet in NY by Lucille Medwick, Article on A Poet's Notebook by David Ignatow, "Some Arguments Against Good Diction" Prodody Article by William Stafford, plus photos of Wing Tek Lum, Rukeyser, Wright, Ignatow, Levendosky, Mayhall View Details
Issue 6, Spring 1971
Craft Interview: Allen Ginsberg
Articles & Features: The Afro-American Poet in NY by Lucille Medwick, Listing of Black Poets by Galen Williams, The White Poetry Syndicate by Walter Lowenfels, Prosody Article on Rime by X. J. Kennedy, plus photos of Feldman, Jones, Glatstein, Sanchez, Hugo, and Strand. View Details
Issue 7, Summer 1971
Craft Interview: Denise Levertov
Articles & Features: The American Indian Poet by Lucille Medwick, Listing of Poetry Publishers, Prosody Article on Voice by M. L. Rosenthal, plus photos of Snyder, Katagiri, Tanikawa, Kizer, Levine, and Van Duyn. View Details
Issue 8, Fall 1971
Craft Interview: Galway Kinnell
Articles & Features: Protest Poetry by Cornelia Draves, Second Annual Listing of Poetry Magazines, "Seriousness and the Inner Poem" Prosody Article by Hayden Carruth, plus photos of Lowenfels, Pack, Steloff, Faber, Lev, and Bukowski. View Details
Issue 9, Winter 1972
Craft Interview: John Ashbery
Articles & Features: Poetry and the Nobel Prize by Layle Silbert, The Poet as Lyricist: Alan Jay Lerner by Elaine Edelman, Prosody Article on Alliteration by George T. Wright, plus photos of Blackburn, Williams, Aldan, Bly, Moore, and Bob White Jr. View Details
Issue 10, Spring 1972
Craft Interview: James Dickey
Articles & Features: Yevtushenko Tribute, The Translation of Poetry by Marina Roscher, Poetry Societies by Marjorie Finnell, Delmore Schwartz Notebooks by Lee Valenti, Prosody Article on Figure, Ground and Open Field by Christopher Collins, plus photos of Auden, Ruth Lisa Schecter, Quincy Troupe, Armand Schwerner, David Antin, and Ray Bremser. View Details