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Archived News Items

NYQ NYC READINGS NOW ONLINE -- FREE (Posted on 11/17/2013)
Websites back up. (Posted on 11/06/2013)
Brooklyn Book Festival - SUNDAY, September 23, 2012 (Posted on 09/15/2012)
rd coleman and other NYQ Poets in New Anthology (Posted on 09/15/2012)
2 NYQ Books Listed as Bestsellers at SPD for August 2012 (Posted on 09/01/2012)
NY City Poetry Festival, SAT and SUN, 7/21-22/2012 (Posted on 07/20/2012)
SPD April Bestseller (Posted on 05/02/2012)
NYQ part of the NewPages Magazine Webstore (Posted on 05/01/2012)
NYQ Books is SPD's Featured Press for April 2012 (Posted on 04/02/2012)
Amanda J. Bradley Interview on THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN (Posted on 01/01/2012)
Interview with NYQ Editor on HUFFINGTON POST (Posted on 12/21/2011)
KGB Interview with Ayala Sella (Posted on 12/04/2011)
NYQ launches NYQ REVIEWS (Posted on 11/19/2011)
Gatsby Books in Long Beach CA - Newest NYQ Books Partner (Posted on 10/21/2011)
Adam Hughes at Farley's Bookstore in PA (Posted on 10/21/2011)
Sommer Browning's Book Reviewed by Gordon Massman (Posted on 09/13/2011)
Brooklyn Book Festival - Sunday, 9/18/11 (Posted on 09/13/2011)
NYQ in Long Beach, CA -- October 15 (Posted on 09/13/2011)
COOL LIMBO - SPD June 2011 Bestseller (Posted on 07/04/2011)
NYQ Books Featured on Huffington Post (Posted on 07/04/2011)
New Todd Moore Book Released by St. Vitus (Posted on 06/20/2011)
Tony Medina Makes SPD Bestseller List (Posted on 05/06/2011)
Grace Zabrsikie's POEMS #2 at SPD! (Posted on 04/01/2011)
UNACKNOWLEDGED LEGISLATIONS by Steve Henn Released by NYQ Books (Posted on 03/19/2011)
NYQ 66 Reviewed in LUNA PARK (Posted on 03/19/2011)
Tony Medina's Latest Book Released by NYQ Books (Posted on 03/04/2011)
Two NYQ Books on SPD Bestseller List (Posted on 03/04/2011)
Interview with Raymond Hammond Posted at Savvy Verse & Wit (Posted on 03/04/2011)
After the Ark by Luke Johnson Released by NYQ Books (Posted on 01/24/2011)
Shelley Stenhouse's IMPUNITY Released by NYQ Books (Posted on 01/08/2011)
New Feature on nyqpoets.net (Posted on 01/01/2011)
Adam Hughes' Petrichor released by NYQ Books (Posted on 12/21/2010)
Review of NYQ 66 Posted on New Pages (Posted on 12/21/2010)
NYQ Books Interview on Best American Poetry Blog (Posted on 12/21/2010)
NYQ to participate in New York City Small Presses Night, 12/14/10 (Posted on 12/08/2010)
EVERYTHING SO SERIOUSLY by Douglas Treem (Posted on 10/25/2010)
Bi-Lingual (French/English) Book by Sanford Fraser Released (Posted on 10/25/2010)
EARTHQUAKE CAME TO HARLEM by Jackie Sheeler (Posted on 10/25/2010)
NYQ Books Releases Book by Norman Stock (Posted on 09/09/2010)
Barbara Blatner's The Still Position Released by NYQ Books (Posted on 09/09/2010)
NYQ Books Presents The Puzzle Master and Other Poems by F. D. Reeve (Posted on 09/01/2010)
NYQ to be at the BROOKLYN BOOK FESTIVAL - Sunday, September 12, 2010 (Posted on 09/01/2010)
Jim Reese's poem turned into a storyboard (Posted on 08/31/2010)
Two Videos of Ted Jonathan Posted on NYQ A/V Site (Posted on 08/31/2010)
New Books by rd coleman, Tim Suermondt and Pui Ying Wong (Posted on 08/31/2010)
Poetic Amusement by Raymond P. Hammond Released by Athanata Arts, Ltd. (Posted on 08/31/2010)
Tony Gloeggler Poem Featured on American Life in Poetry (Posted on 08/26/2010)
Jackie Sheeler, Ted Jonathan and Raymond Hammond to read at KGB Bar 9/18 (Posted on 08/19/2010)
Norman Stock Interviewed on SOUTHERN BOOKMAN (Posted on 08/04/2010)
NYQ 66 has finally been released! (Posted on 07/14/2010)
New Site Dedicated to Don Winter's Books (Posted on 06/27/2010)
Grace Zabriskie Reading Posted on YouTube (Posted on 06/06/2010)
Tony Gloeggler's Latest Book Released by NYQ Books (Posted on 06/06/2010)
NYQ, Iris Lee, Joe Weil at West Caldwell Library, May 16, 2010 (Posted on 05/12/2010)
Todd Moore Memorial, Albuquerque, May 22, 2010 (Posted on 04/26/2010)
Announcing The New York Quarterly's 40th Anniversary and Poetry Month Extravaganza (Posted on 03/30/2010)
Todd Moore 1937-2010 (Posted on 03/13/2010)
Grace Zabriskie's POEMS Released by NYQ Books (Posted on 02/11/2010)
NYQ Books Announces the Release of Iris Lee's Urban Bird Life (Posted on 02/11/2010)
Richard Kostelanetz's newest book, Recircuits released by NYQ Books (Posted on 01/14/2010)
Jim Reese's Ghost on 3rd Released by NYQ Books (Posted on 01/14/2010)
NYQ Books releases Voluptuous Gloom by Oren Wagner (Posted on 11/24/2009)
Joe Weil's The Plumber's Apprentice now available from NYQ Books™ (Posted on 11/17/2009)
Amanda J. Bradley's Hints and Allegations is now available. (Posted on 10/09/2009)
A Boilermaker for the Lady by Fred Yannantuono is now available. (Posted on 09/23/2009)
Maria Lisella Announces Two Forthcoming Books (Posted on 08/31/2009)
New Book by George Held (Posted on 08/31/2009)
Ted Jonathan's Bones & Jokes released by NYQ Books (Posted on 08/31/2009)
New Book by Kevin Pilkington released by NYQ Books (Posted on 08/27/2009)
Jennifer K. Sweeney wins 2009 James Laughlin Award (Posted on 08/27/2009)
Sanford Fraser releases new book through NYQ Books (Posted on 08/27/2009)
Malachi Black Receives 2009 Ruth Lilly Fellowship (Posted on 07/29/2009)
A Big Ball of Foil - THE MOVIE (Posted on 07/09/2009)
NYQ announces NYQ BOOKS (Posted on 07/01/2009)
Ira Joe Fisher Releases New Book (Posted on 07/01/2009)
Professor Arturo (Arthur Pfister) Releases New book (Posted on 07/01/2009)
Ananda Osel's Newest Chapbook Released (Posted on 06/26/2009)
Sunday, May 31, 2009, 12 - 5pm: NYQ to participate in CLMP Lit Mag Fair at Housing Works Bookstore, NYC (Posted on 05/19/2009)
West Caldwell NJ Poetry Festival (Posted on 05/01/2009)
NYQ 65 is now available! (Posted on 04/29/2009)
Ananda Osel Interview Posted (Posted on 03/12/2009)
John Updike dies at 76 (Posted on 01/27/2009)
W. D. Snodgrass dies at 83 (Posted on 01/15/2009)
Interview Posted with NYQ Poet Jim Reese (Posted on 01/08/2009)
Nancy Shiffrin to Read at Village Books in Pacific Palisades, CA (Posted on 01/05/2009)
Dave Church (1947-2008) (Posted on 01/02/2009)
Interview with Tim Suermondt at Southern Bookman (Posted on 12/25/2008)
New CD by A. D. Winans (Posted on 11/23/2008)
New book by Hosho McCreesh (Posted on 10/04/2008)
Order Mugs, etc. with NYQ 64 Cover Art (Posted on 09/01/2008)
NYQ 64 - Sets Available to Contributors (Posted on 08/27/2008)
Brooklyn Book Festival - 2008 - Come See Us (Posted on 08/27/2008)
Abbeville Press Interview with the Editor of NYQ (Posted on 08/11/2008)
NYQ 64 is Available (Posted on 08/11/2008)
CLMP Lit Mag Fair, NYC - JUNE 15, 2008 (Posted on 06/06/2008)
NYQ to participate in the CLMP Lit Mag Fair at the IOWA SUMMER WRITING FESTIVAL - JUNE 26, 2008 (Posted on 06/06/2008)
NYQ Editor to be at the NEW YORK BOOK FESTIVAL - JUNE 28, 2008 (Posted on 06/06/2008)
NYQ to be at West Caldwell Public Library POETRY FESTIVAL (Posted on 05/09/2008)
Lewis Turco to receive Robert Fitzgerald Prosody Award (Posted on 05/03/2008)
NYQ to use iThenticate (Posted on 03/12/2008)
We're at AWP - January 30 - February 2, 2008 (Posted on 01/28/2008)
NEW NYQ ADDRESS - Effective Immediately (Posted on 01/28/2008)
HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Posted on 12/28/2007)
READING - Monday, January 21, 2008 - 6 p.m. (Posted on 12/09/2007)
AWP - New York City - January 30 - February 2, 2008 (Posted on 12/09/2007)
WRITERS WHO PLAY at AWP in NYC (Posted on 12/09/2007)
NYQ Editor and Ira Joe Fisher at the NYPL 12/11 (Posted on 12/01/2007)
READING - Monday, November 19, 2007 - 6 p.m. (Posted on 11/17/2007)
READING - Monday, December 17, 2007 - 6 p.m. (Posted on 11/17/2007)