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Services offered to poets previously published in the New York Quarterly include:

NYQ Poets Online
Once your poem has appeared in the magazine, you will be included in the magazine's online database, Here you will have complete control over your profile page which is expandable to provide you with a place to post photos, a bio, announcments, links to other sites, list every periodical in which you have ever been published, promote and sell your books, and much more!

Promote Your Website
Link to your website on our NYQ Poet's Pages poet index. This page is designed to collect referral information on our poets published in the NYQ in one easy-to-find location for the readers of the magazine. You may also obtain graphic links to use on your site to link to either or the NYQ site on our Link to Us page.

Reading Series
Want to read in New York City? Contact Ted Jonathan to be considered for our Reading Series. The reading series is on the third Monday of each month (excluding July and August) at the Cornelia Street Cafe in NYC. Also, please contact us if you are interested in organizing a reading for the NYQ at another location in the country and we will supply names of potential readers in your area. We would love to branch our reading program out into other areas.

Procedures and FAQs

What We Publish
We accept poetry through open, unsolicited submission. We solicit interviews and essays and do not accept unsolicited manuscripts of these two genres. We do not publish fiction, short stories, artwork, biographies, letters, or anything that is not poetry.

Cover Art
Cover art is generally solicited. However, artists may submit a sample of their work if they think it is in keeping with the editorial voice of the magazine, but please be familiar with the history of the covers of the magazine prior to submitting (you may find them all on this site).

Preparing Your Submission
It is not a good idea to send us submissions more than four times a year. Check your submission carefully for the following:
  • No more than 3-5 poems per submission.
  • Spelling and Typos
  • SASE
  • Cover letters are not necessary.
  • DO NOT send your submission Certified or Registered Mail.
SASE (Domestic and International)
Please include a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) for the return of your manuscript or contract. Make sure that the envelope is large enough to accomodate the manuscript and that there is enough postage. Manuscripts that do not fit into the envelope or lack postage will not be returned.

International Submissions: Please do not use international coupons or send money. Either ensure there is adequate U.S. postage, or request an email response.

The Review Process
Submissions to the New York Quarterly are collected and read by an editorial panel on a year-round, regular basis. The submissions are either rejected or passed on to second tier review. Once the submission has been sent to second tier review, the poem is entered into the searchable database where one may check the status of his or her poem. Due to the overwhelming number of submissions, poems are not entered into the database until this point. The senior editorial panel then convenes and accepts or rejects the submissions. If a poem is accepted, a contract is then immediately sent out in the SASE provided with further instructions.

Response Time
We generally respond within 5 to 6 weeks of receiving a submission. It is possible that if a poem was sent to the second tier review, a response could take longer than this ? up to 9 weeks. DO NOT QUERY US REGARDING A SUBMISSION PRIOR TO THIS TIME.

Simultaneous Submissions
We do accept simultaneous submissions. While it is courteous to let us know immediately if a work is accepted elsewhere, it is not necessary. Should the poem be accepted, you may simply notify us by declining the contract.

First Publication Rights
The New York Quarterly acquires "First Publication Rights" to your poem. This means that we are to be the first to publish your poem. Should you include the work in a collection or other publication, it must be noted that your work first appeared in the New York Quarterly. We do reserve the right to re-publish your work through various media channels, such as our websites. A sample copy of our complete TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SUBMISSION ACCEPTANCE may be found here.
Previously Published Work
We DO NOT publish previously published work. If your work has appeared in any version or form anywhere in the world in print or online PRIOR to when we will publish it - DO NOT SEND IT TO US, it is that simple.

Previous publications are a real problem not only for the magazine, but for other poets as well, as they take up space that could have otherwise gone to another poem or poet that has not been previously published.

If the work is a simultaneous submission and becomes accepted at another edited venue, in print or online, then you must inform us immediately.

If the work that we accept for publication is to be published in a book or anthology, then you must credit the NYQ with having first published the work AND contact us.

Presented online can mean several different things. If the work was self published on your own site, a friend's site, or a blog, etc. then we may consider publishing the work, but certainly retain the right to refuse. You must inform us of this if this is the case.

We use to vet all poems for previous publication conflicts.

By signing the contract you are guaranteeing that the work is wholly your own. Any suspected instance of plagiarism will be taken seriously and investigated.

We use to vet all poems for possible plagiarism.

The Publication Process
Once a poem has been accepted and a contract sent out we hold the poem in "Accepted Contract Sent" status until the return of the contract. All of the following must be recieved for the poem to leave this category:
  • Signed and Dated Contract
  • A Digital File of the Poem (.doc or .rtf file attached to an email)
  • A Digital File of the Contributor Note
The poem is then placed into a holding file awaiting assignment to an issue.
Please keep your contact information current.

When will my poem appear?
There is never any guarantee that a poem will appear in either the next or a specific issue. A poem may be pulled at anytime from publication in a specific issue for any reason including:
  • Editorial Choice
  • Space Limitations
  • Failure to Maintain Accurate Contact Information
You may check to see if your poem has been assigned to an issue by using our searchable database.

Please keep your contact information current: Click Here

Will two or more of my poems appear in the same issue?
It has been the editorial policy of the magazine since NYQ 29 to only publish one poem per poet per issue. This allows for a greater number of poets per issue and more flexible editorial choices in culling the issue. We do, however, publish more than one poem of the featured poet or poets.

Contact Information
Please use this form to keep us informed of your contact information. We lose a number of copies of the magazine each issue because of incorrect information.

The Galley Process
When we are ready to go to print with your poem you will receive an email with instructions and three links. These links will take you to three pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files hosted on this website. The three files that you will see will be the Table of Contents Page, your Poem, and your Contributor Note. These files will be exactly how your information will appear in the magazine. You will generally have one week to reply to this email with either "everything is good" or a list of corrections. Once corrections are made in the master file, you may or may not receive another proof depending on the extent of the correction.

Corrections to Galleys
Please make any corrections to the above files as clear and consise as possible. It is preferable that when you make corrections to your poem you list the correction by line number, and give both the old version and the corrected version of how the line should read.

Once the issue has been sent to the printer it is highly unlikely that any corrections will be made.

Contributor Notes
Please keep your contributor notes to a minimum. At best we have room for 3-4 lines of text. We will edit contributor notes severely if they are too long. Try to include current or new books for sale (we take this into account when editing). Choose a few places of prior publication that are most important to you, or we will choose for you. We reserve the right to edit contributor notes as we see fit.

Each contributor will automatically receive two copies of the issue in which he or she appears. Additional copies may be purchased individually or in convenient and discounted package deals that you can find in the NYQ Store. Items such as mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, etc. with the cover of the issue in which you appear may also be purchased at the NYQ Store. Please keep your contact information current.