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Issue 1, Winter 1970 - Limited
Craft Interview: W. H. Auden
Poetry by: Auden, Kunitz, Rodman, Lax, Siegel, Rosten, Eberhart, Sexton, Merwin, and more...
Issue 2, Spring 1970
Craft Interview: Paul Blackburn
Poetry by: Ginsberg, Faber, Connellan, Giovanni, Stafford, Padgett, and more...
Issue 3, Summer 1970
Craft Interview: Anne Sexton
Poetry by: Levertov, Updike, Stafford, Logan, Rosten, Aldan, Moss, and more...
Issue 4, Fall 1970
Craft Interview: Stanley Kunitz
Poetry by: Connellan, Tagliabue, Bly, Carruth, Rich, Mezey, Peters, and more...
Issue 5, Winter 1971
Craft Interview: Jerome Rothenberg
Poetry by: Padgett, X.J. Kennedy, Appleman, Orlovitz, Fox Lev, Levendosky, and more...
Issue 6, Spring 1971
Craft Interview: Allen Ginsberg
Poetry by: Horovitz, Kostelanetz, Wagner, Rukeyser, Levine, Jong, Nat White, and more...
Issue 7, Summer 1971
Craft Interview: Denise Levertov
Poetry by: Bukowski, Ignatow, garrigue, Benet, Hershberger, and more...
Issue 8, Fall 1971
Craft Interview: Galway Kinnell
Poetry by: McLure, May, Stokes, Benedict, Turco, Wang, Linney, and more...
Issue 9, Winter 1972
Craft Interview: John Ashbery
Poetry by: Medwick, Krenis, Niatum, Ignatow, Seidman, Bukowski, Jong, Schechter, Guenther, Inex, Fox, and more...
Issue 10, Spring 1972
Craft Interview: James Dickey
Poetry by: Lewisohn, Jong, Rosenthal, Pastan, Bukowski, Adam, Halpern, Yevtushenko, and more...