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Issues 11, Summer 1972
Craft Interview: Muriel Rukeyser
Poetry by: Bly, Vierick, Pack, Roche, and more...
Issue 12, Fall 1972
Craft Interview: Richard Wilbur
Poetry by: Rukeyser, Rexroth, Bukowski, Mundell, Adam, Aldan, Glaze, Holub, Neruda, and more...
Issue 13, Winter 1973
Craft Interview: Robert Creeley
Poetry by: Owens, Stepanchev, Rosten, Adam, Mundell, Appleman,Bukowski, and more...
Issue 14, Spring 1973
Craft Interview: Jackson Mac Low
Poetry by: Karl Shapiro, Eberhart, Hart, McGrath, Rosenthal, Lewisohn, Connellan, Bukowski, and more...
Issue 15, Summer 1973
Craft Interview: Howard Moss
Poetry by: Claire McAllister, Honig, Updike, Ferlinghetti, Hugo, Mac Low, Bukowski, Lax, Ignatow, Lewisohn, Connellan, Carrier, Stuart, and more...
Issue 16, Fall 1973
Craft Interview: Erica Jong
Poetry by: Mac Low, Hugo, Ignatow, Lewisohn, Galler, Bukowski, and more...
Issue 17, Winter 1974
Craft Interview: Diane Wakoski
Poetry by: Wheelock, Jacobsen, Meredith, Boyle, Hugo, Ammons, Jong, Galler, Lewisohn, Mac Low, Bukowski, and more...
Issue 18, 1976
Craft Interview: W. D. Snodgrass
Poetry by: Meredith, Pack, Ammons, Adam, Jong, Bukowski, Mac Low, Viereck, Siegel, Mundell, David Shapiro, Waldman, Connellan, and more...
Issue 19, 1977
Craft Interview: May Swenson
Poetry by: Adam, Planz, Pitchford, Mac Low, Bukowski, Viereck, Jerome, Jong, and more...
Issue 20, 1978
Craft Interview: Richard Eberhart
Poetry by: Eberhart, Bukowski, Connellan, Mac Low, Adam, Ammons, Jong,, and more...