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Issue 21, 1978
Craft Interview: Helen Adam
Poetry by: Collins, Olds, Dickey, Adam, Rosten, Bukowski, Siegel, and more...
Issue 22, 1978
Craft Interview: Gary Snyder
Poetry by: Pennant, Updike, Sarton, Edson, Bukowski, and more...
Issue 23, 1978
Craft Interview: Robert Penn Warren
Poetry by: Viereck, Sarton, Edson, Bukowski, and more...
Issue 24, 1979
Craft Interview: Karl Shapiro
Poetry by: Sarton, Edson, Replansky, Bukowski, Lev, Haskins, and more...
Issue 25, 1979
Craft Interview: Amiri Baraka
Poetry by: Sarton, Edson, Haskins, Lev, Bukowski, and more...
Issue 26, Spring 1985
Craft Interview: Interview Anthology
Poetry by: Anthology Issue, including Auden, Sexton, Ginsberg, Rukeyser, and more...
Issue 27, Summer 1985
Craft Interview: Charles Bukowski
Poetry by: Dickey, Snodgrass, Baraka, Berrigan, and more...
Issue 28, Fall 1985
Craft Interview: Leo Connellan
Poetry by: Corso, Bukowski, Adam, Stafford, and more...
Issue 29, Spring 1986
Craft Interview: Michael Moriarty
Poetry by: Lax, Antler, Farewell, Haskins, and more...
Issue 30, Summer 1986
Craft Interview: Robert Lax
Poetry by: Bukowski, Stock, Lifshin, Gloeggler, and more...