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Poet Profiles
The following is a partial list of poets The New York Quarterly has published over the last 30 years. While this list is impressive, it doesn't begin to express the cross-section of work of poets whose names may not be so well known, from all parts of this country, who are published alongside established poets in NYQ. As editors, we have no deeper thrill than the surprise of coming across a really good poem, regardless of whether or not its author is well known. To find specific issues in which these and other poets appear, use the search form on our Back Issues page.

Poets Published in NYQ
Click names in bold for feature articles. Numbers in parenthesis indicate the issue in which the poet's Craft Interview appears.

Anna Adams (58) Allen Ginsberg (6) Sharon Olds (46)
Helen Adam (21) Andrew Glaze Robert Pack
Daisy Aldan Albert Goldbarth Kenneth Rexroth
A. R. Ammons Marilyn Hacker Adrienne Rich
Antler (52) Lola Haskins Elisavietta Ritchie
John Ashbery (9) Edwin Honeg Selden Rodman
W. H. Auden (1) Richard Hugo M. L. Rosenthal
Diane Di Prima Will Inman Norman Rosten
Amiri Baraka (25) Erica Jong (16) Jerome Rothenberg (5)
Dennis Bernstein (34) June Jordon (54) Muriel Rukeyser (11)
Daniel Berrigan Galway Kinnell (8) May Sarton (53)
Paul Blackburn (2) X. J. Kennedy Anne Sexton (3)
Robert Bly (32) Hugh Kenner (48) Karl Shapiro (24)
Gwendolyn Brooks (51) Richard Kostelanetz Eli Siegel
James Broughton (42) Stanley Kunitz (4) Knute Skinner (57)
Charles Bukowski (27) Robert Lax (30) W. D. Snodgrass (18)
Macdonald Carey (36) Donald Lev (44) Gary Snyder (22)
Hayden Carruth (50) Denise Levertov (7) William Stafford (35)
Wanda Coleman Lyn Lifshin (37) Jayne Lyn Stahl
Billy Collins John Logan Stephen Stepanchev
Judy Collins (31) Jackson Mac Low (14) Norman Stock (49)
Betty Comden (45) Phil Mahoney (43) Karen Swenson
Leo Connellan (28) Jane Mayhall May Swenson (19)
Gregory Corso Claire McAllister Carroll Terrell (33)
Rober Creeley (13) Victoria McCabe Quincy Troupe
James Dickey (10) Michael McClure (55) John Updike
Stephen Dunn Thomas McGrath Peter Viereck
Richard Eberhart (20) William Meredith Diane Wakowski (17)
Russell Edson W. S. Merwin Anne Waldman (41)
Desmond Egan (39) Michael Moriarty (29) Robert Penn Warren (23)
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Eliot Morrison John Hall Wheelock
Jose Ferrer (47) Howard Moss (15) Richard Wilbur (12)
Isabella Gardner William Mundell Harold Witt
Jean Garrigue Joyce Carol Oates (56) Yvegeny Yevtushenko