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Poem Status

Enter the poem title in the search box of any* poem submitted to the New York Quarterly or enter the first line if the poem is untitled.

This database was last updated on 11/24/09 at 10:06 p.m. EST.
This database reflects all mail received in our office by 11/10/09.

Status of online submissions not yet accepted for publication may be checked on the NYQ Submission Manager.

1. You must search for each individual poem. We only store information on this database according to poem title in order to protect the privacy of the poet.
2. *Information is only available for those poems in second tier review status or higher. We do not document every poem submitted to the New York Quarterly due to the voluminous submissions that we receive.
3. This database only contains information on poems that currently reside in the editorial process, killed or published poems are not included. To search for poems that have already been published, please use the search box contained on the back issue pages. Information on killed poems is not available.
4. This information is intended only for the author of the poem that is requested.
5. By clicking "search" you agree that you are the author of the poem requested and have the right to view this information.
6. The status of your poem can be changed by the editors of the New York Quarterly at any time for any reason. This information is provided only as a guideline and in no way implies a contractual agreement to publish a poem in a particular issue.
7. This information is updated at least once a month.

Please do not write requesting more current information.